Kylie’s boyfriend gets the cover of l’Officiel Hommes. Worked, then.

Close your mouth, dear.

Andres What’s-his-paella-chops will never be our boyfriend because, frankly, soiled goods. But bumming Kylie Minogue obviously does wonders for one’s career, as evidenced here, here and up there on the front cover of l’Officiel Hommes. You know, one of those magazs no-one actually buys, but brands with lots of cash dollar pay shit loads to advertise in because it bedazzles marketing execs in chinos and dandruff at the Annual General Meeting.

Backintotheroom… So this is Andres off-of e-Spain and for the time being Kylie, in an editorial (ooh, editorial) in which he is photographed – rather uninspiringly – walking round London’s glittering Los Angeles. It’s all pounds, shillings and pence… and a bare arse shot after the break. Hooray!

ps. Aqua, cerveza, coca-cola…

Mmmm, fluffy white towels... Slurp.
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  1. He is now like the male version of Myleene (no fucking) Klass. ie. EVERYWHERE!

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