What a lovely pair!


While most of us watching the BAFTAs were thinking a). who liked Slumdog Millionnaire that much? It was OK, but come on b). is Sharon Stone scientifically the most beautiful woman in the world, even if she does seem a bit on the barmy side of the blanket? Oh, and was that young man her boyfriend? and c). how CHEEENIUS is Sir Mick of Jagger. Love him…

But back to the beginning of that sentence, while most of us were watching the BAFTAs, over in the US and A it was Grammys night and Adele was there rocking the stage with ‘Chasing Pavements’ and picking up two Gs for Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. Yay!

Duffy got one for Best Pop Vocal Album. And much as we love Duffy (funny, collapsed sort of face and everything) the ‘ignorant Welsh’ act is starting to grate. As she pitched up at the event she told a reporter that she’s only just heard of the Grammys (‘living in north Wales without satellite yada yada yada’). She also admitted she only recently heard of Motown!

Honey, just ’cause you live in the street behind the back of beyond, there’s no excuse for being stoopid.

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3 comments to “What a lovely pair!”

    And yes oh yes oh yes for Sir Dame Mick Jaggar. They should ditch the mediocrity-with-a-speech-impediment that is Jonathan Ross and get Mick to do the whole thing. Maybe with Jerry as his sidekick.

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  2. I have a feeling they’e not on the best of terms……….

    Being foreign I didn’t see it. A brief desrip anyone?

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  3. They’re good mates and all that, despite the divorce. How homosexual of them.

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