Our boyfriend, back where he belongs: in little white panties!


We remember exactly where we were the moment we first fell in love wih our boyfriend David Gandy: lying back in a rowing boat in some deserted cove. He was wearing skimpy white swimming trunks and – though we didn’t mention it at the time – a little bit too much Dolce & Gabbana fragrance. Then he clambered on top of us and the rest is history…

Well, for Valentine’s we’ve been trying to persuade him to get back into little white trunks – they just do it for us, he knows they do – and at last he’s done it. OK, maybe it was more for a shoot for Fashion Inc, but we know what he was doing.

See them panties, and some black ones, over the jump…

All white on the night All because the lady loves black magic
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2 comments to “Our boyfriend, back where he belongs: in little white panties!”

  1. While it is lovely that he is back in skimpies, this shoot for Fashion Inc is almost two years old. I saw him in similar attire round my gaff at the weekend.

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  2. He looks very dolly.

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