Three Days of Rain – a first night, up-West End review. Oh, yes!

Keep your voice down!

So there we were, one row behind Ann-Marie Duff (love, just ’cause your old man’s in it, you don’t have to laugh really loudly at lines which are not funny!) and in front of Dexter Fletcher (looking very Grizzly Adams) to see the first night of Three Days of Rain, which you’ll know as The Play Julia Roberts Was In On Broadway A Couple Of Years Ago.

Starring were James McAvoy (Mr. Duff, who you’ll know from Atonement), Nigel ‘Little Den off EastEnders’ Harman, who we once saw in the altogether at the Donmar in Privates on Parade – they certainly were and much appreciated – and Lindsey Marshal, who we don’t know but would like to as she looks like Fag Hag and is really rather jolly good, what ho!

If were to write a review, and frankly we’re waaay too busy, it would contain information like a). why do we need to hear all these boring conversations? b). why is James McAvoy shouting throughout the first half? c). can everyone make sure they turn their mobile off during a West End show and if it does ring THEN turn it off, don’t leave it to ring the rest of the night d). nice rain and e). don’t bother: it is tedious, mostly badly acted and utterly pointless.

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3 comments to “Three Days of Rain – a first night, up-West End review. Oh, yes!”

  1. Oh. I am actually going to see this tonight. Perhaps I ought to just stay in the pub.

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  2. Go to the play. All my friends who have seen it, liked it–especially the performances and the staging.

    Also want to point out that you also saw McAvoy in the altogether in Privates on Parade along with Harman. Guess it wasn’t as impressive.

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  3. I did go. I did enjoy. (I’d had lots of wine.)

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