Broadway, here we come!

You SO would

After a whole bunch of nonsense hitting Broadway – Shrek, The Musical anyone? Thought not – we are at last semi-erect over news that Noel Coward’s cheeeenius spooky comedy Blithe Spirit (you might know the film starring Margaret Rutherford and Rex Harrison) is setting up shop on the Great White Way.

And even more excitement than that, stars will be one Miss Rupert Everett (who we j’adore, in case you hadn’t noticed) and *drum roll* Angela Lansbury of Murder She Wrote fame!

How’s that for a cast people? Hmmm.

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2 comments to “Broadway, here we come!”

  1. ‘heart’ La Lansbury – hers is the definitive Mrs. Lovett.

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  2. I like to keep busy. *knits furiously*

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