Disaronno – don’t mind if we do!

Sticky and sweet

There are some things you think you hate until you actually try them. You know, like proper anal. Well, Disaronno is one of those. The bottle is a bit weird with that funny lumpen screw cap thing, but the taste, mmm, delicious. Sticky and sweet and cough syruppy.

Well, the people at Disaronno, in an attempt for you to try some (though they’ve not sent us a bottle – bastards!) have set up a site where you can work out what would be the ideal cocktail for your good self. There’s even some sort of Valentines Day tie-in to it.

Don’t know how it works  – we’re busy! Haven’t got time for messing about – but you can get to it here. And buy some Disaronno. It’s delicious.

PS Can we now have a bottle for the me-me-me cocktail table?

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One comment to “Disaronno – don’t mind if we do!”

  1. newsflash!
    the smart money’s moved on to Frangelico… it’s Topic in a glass.
    TO. DIE.FOR.

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