Isn’t he the spit and/or image of good King Henry VIII?

Off with his... trousers

No, obviously not. He may play Mr. the Eighth in that frighteningly realistic Tudors show where Anne of Cleves comes over more like a Pussycat Doll, but it’s piss poor casting as he’s a). not ginge b). not tall (KH8 was apparently one of the biggest men in Europe) and c). wahay too good looking. We’ve seen the Holbein snaps, we know what went on.

Hasn’t stopped Jonathan Rhys Meyers bagging the new Energie campaign. You know Energie, shoddy lady jeans, a sort of Diesel on the cheap. Mind you, we are quite feeling those silver high tops.

See two more hot looks from the house of Energie over the jump…

Nice layering Not sure about that blue
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3 comments to “Isn’t he the spit and/or image of good King Henry VIII?”

  1. He looks like Will Young but with catapillar eyebrows.

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  2. first off lovely pictures. gorgeous man JRM. But actually Henry VIII was a much sought after man in his younger years (one would think so having sixth wives). Whether this has something to do with him being prince is likely, but supposedly he was considered good looking til he became old, fat and syphilitic!

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  3. Eric Bana is my fave Henry VIII.

    so there.

    JRM seems like a bit of a tit to me to be honest. horses, courses etc.

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