Ooh, ain’t YSL’s new advert clever/pretentious (delete as appropriate)

Oh and don't forget 'length and girth'Michael Pitt of unfortunate surname and fish-lips fame, we heart thee. You make good films (Bully anyone?) and while we find you a little so-over-right-now grungey, you were a sweetheart when we interviewed you. No really, you were.

So when we saw that YSL had cleverly nabbed Monsieur Pitt for their A/W 09 advertising campaign we got excited. And when we saw that said ad was four whole minutes and 57 whole seconds of Michelle and Michelle only we got even more excited. That’s right, a clothes advert featuring not one scrap of clothing. What next? A chocolate ad without chocolate?

Any road, enjoy the aforementioned loveliness in all its Warholian glory after le jumpette…

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2 comments to “Ooh, ain’t YSL’s new advert clever/pretentious (delete as appropriate)”

  1. Tres sexy

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  2. there’s a certain point where he looks like he’s falling asleep.

    I fondle your flannel indeed.

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