A squirrel flavoured crisp anyone? Mmm, acorn-y!

Great in butties!

We Brits do love our crisps. By which we mean the savoury potato snack that crunches in the mouth known as ‘chips’ in the US (chips are, obviously, the soft hot potato accompaniment to fish, known elsewhere as ‘fries’ – it’s like Oscar Wilde says, two cultures divided by a common language, right?)

Anyways, from the humble bag of Prawn Cocktails flavoured crisps that smell like a… well, let’s just say clown’s pocket and leave it there, to the luxury Kettle brand, a crisp is something we hold close to our bosoms here in Her Majesty’s United Kingdom. And while other countries may offer maybe a salted and one other flavour, in the UK we have grown up on a mind-boggling array of Pickled Onion, Cheese and Onion, Roast Beef, Marmite, you name it.

Which is why Walkers, market leaders, have launched no fewer than six new flavours for the Great British public to savour and vote on, the winner to be included in the great pantheon of permanent flavours on offer. It’s just that… well, are our palates really so jaded that we need squirrel flavour?

For real! The six flavours are as follows: Builder’s Breakfast (apparently egg and bacon and toast flavour!), Cajun Squirrel, Chocolate and Chili (in a crisp!), Fish ‘n’ Chips (can you imagine the smell of those?), Crispy Hoisin Duck and, the only one that sounds half decent, Onion Bhaji.

The world has clearly gone mad. If you want to join it and vote on your favourite, click here

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3 comments to “A squirrel flavoured crisp anyone? Mmm, acorn-y!”

  1. you really should keep up you know. I discussed these jolly snacks here a while back… in fact i think it might have been instead of being horrible about Will Young on Question Time or somesuch..

    we decided builder’s Bum Crack should be next i think.

    i really wish you’d read the comments on here otherwise why do we bother? why? huh?

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  2. Agreed Antony. More importantly, is the Vodka and tonic flavoured crisp in development. If not, why not?

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  3. tequila, lime and salt might be nice too. Leave it with me Ms.Nolan.

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