Kylie’s fella in man-on-man action shot by Uncle Karl Lagerfield

Gissa kiss

Here he is. Kylie’s ethpanish boyfriend Andres getting down with the (heavily made-up) boys in a new shoot by Karl Lagerfield featuring the clothes and clobber of one Gareth Pugh.

Makes us think of the time we mentioned to Kylie that there always tended to be some sort of bisexual vibe about the men she dated and she – shocked! – put us straight informing us that her boyfriend of the time – the Olivier fella – was, and we quote ‘all man’. So gay men are not all man, are they, Kyles? Makes you nostalgic for the days when gay icons weren’t total idiots, dunnit?

Anyways see her latest ‘all man’ boyfriend all over other all men in fluffy jackets after the jump…

I'll just have a little lie down here on these steps Take the weight off
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