Oh, look! The dance routine that inspired Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’

We like it. We'll put a ring on it.

Someone once said, if you’re going to shoplift, do it from Harvey Nichols not Tesco Metro. Or something. Well, look at the cheeenius Gwen Verdon (the original Velma from Chicago) and two ladyfriends working a routine put together by the even more cheeenius Bob Fosse, the choreographer of Chicago and Cabaret and you will see a marked – marked we say – resemblance between it and the hallowed ‘Single Ladies’. Even the curve in the wall is the same.

OK, so Beyonce’s is a little more, ahem, vaginal and she’s wearing a much more flange-flashing costume but apart from that, it’s pretty much the deal. And yes, she has admitted that the routine is based on this classic.

Anyways, it’s called ‘Mexican Breakfast’ (mmm breakfast burrito from Balans…) and you can see it after the jump… 

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3 comments to “Oh, look! The dance routine that inspired Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’”

  1. will these black music people ever have an original idea?

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  2. I dressed exactly like that in the sixties, actually I still do – I’m channeling Yootha Joyce.
    OOH if you wait until that’s finished click on one of the links to the right and there are some lovely remixes with that dance set to modern ‘music’ (including Single Ladies).
    And Frank, I do hope your comment is just an idiotic attempt at comedy, or, to be frank, you are a cunt.

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  3. Stuff Strictly. We need this on BBC on a Saturday night. Same frocks, same hair, same dancing. Love it.

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