This is the most stylish man in America? We’ll be the judge of that.

George at ASDA?

GQ, Gentleman’s Quarterly, that arbiter of everything that is stylish and tasteful and a little boring but hey, straight people need something to read as well, you know… have decided that Justin Timberlake, him up there, is *fanfare done on some tissue paper and a comb* The Most Stylish Man in America. Oh, really? So are we!

Come along with you. We like a Justin. He was very nice when interviewed once (and very tall, which we were surprised by) and he does wear some OK clothes, even though they never quite seem to fit properly. But The Most Stylish Man in America? While there are still people in Burger King uniforms. Think not we.

Also making the list are Mark Ronson (not strictly speaking ‘in America’ but wears a mean suit), photographer Alexi Lubomirski (us neither) and your obvious Kanye Wests. Justin, who probably got it because he was prepared to go on the cover and also – with a fashion house all his own – an advertising budget to spend said that he got his sense of style from his step-father who went to work every day looking like Richard Gere in American Gigolo.

One wonders what the man’s job was…

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2 comments to “This is the most stylish man in America? We’ll be the judge of that.”

  1. Justin is average, average and average some more.

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  2. Justin is a generic Mcplain wrap with a regular size side of cunt.

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