What a wonderful erection!

Hello big boy

It’s big – the tallest free-standing column in the world, as it happens – it’s shiny and it’s ready for you to take it to the top.

Yes people, the Monument, built to commemorate the Great Fire of London in 1666 (fun: fact if you knocked it down, it would land at the spot where the fire started in Pudding Lane), is open for business again in about – ooh – 25 minutes, from noon on 16th February.

Completely shined up and in a new piazza-style area where, come summer, there will be tables, chairs, glasses, drunk city workers, the Monument was designed by Sir Christopher Wren, the man behind St. Paul’s and you can now¬†climb the hundreds of steps to the top, if you have the lungs, and get some of the best views of London along the river. Or just watch the live feed from the bottom, maybe with a chilled glass in your hand (insider tip: the sausage and mash dinner in adjascent Fine Line is very acceptable).

Open from today, it’ll set you back just three golden coins to get in.

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