Have you been wondering where Mika’s been for the last year?

So cute!

The last time you saw him doing anything was this time last year when he did his ‘goodbye for now’ performance at The Brits (on tomorrow! Yay! Somebody please tip a bucket of water over someone or swear or get your cock out… please!). But Mika has been beavering away (tee hee, ‘beaver’) in Los of Angeles working with – among others – the choir that pops up at the end of Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’.

They’re called the Andrae Crouch Choir and they’re no doubt vile god-botherers but they seem nice in this little video Mika made showcasing some of his new music. Sounds good/can’t wait/take your top off etc.

See the video of Mika beavering *sniggers* over the jump. S’cute…

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  1. How spooky – I was having a wank thinking about Mika only last night.

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