*sigh* Ahh, the old ones are always the best *wipes amused tear from eye*

Just lounging aroundSo this be Jerry Hall off-of Still Got It – offshoot of predictably mentioning the fact that she’s 52 years of old. Got that? Born in 1956, aged 52, still looks hot *acts surprised*, there. Done. – in Chanel’s S/S 09 accessories catalogue. Noice no?

Photographed by Karl Lagerfeld, the shoot is supposed to be inspired by the ‘Cheri’ novel by Colette, which sees older lady fantasticals about Hotty McHot younger meat. His name’s Baptiste Giabiconi fyi.

Karly told someone who feigned interest that he chose Jerry (but we suspect Chanel also had something to do with the decision) because…

“Oscar Wilde said, ‘I like men who have a future, and women who have a past.’ It is this whole idea of seduction that is summarised here that appeals to me. One of a very young man fascinated and attracted by what a woman does: her wardrobe, her perfume, her movements, her allure, etc.”

Etc indeed. Ooh, ooh, enjoy more of the dolly known as Baptiste over the jump. Hop along now.

Amen to the six packery Sunglasses? Inside? Nice tits
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More dolly #content:

2 comments to “*sigh* Ahh, the old ones are always the best *wipes amused tear from eye*”

  1. The one where he’s dressed up the same as Uncle Karl himself is quite funny. She looks fierce!

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  2. ‘Fierce’ a la Gok or ‘fierce’ a la ANTM? There is a marked difference.

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