Our boyfriend’s* got that vein thing going on on his arms…

Oh, Hugh. Jack. Man.

He’s also got the wind in his hair, a la Diana Ross.

Oh, and re. the * thing… he’s sharing pole position-emphasis-on-the-pole with our other boyfriend, David Gandy. And that’s us being generous. We’re auditioning for a third, actually. Ad goes out in Stage tomorrow. Queue? Orderly, if you will.

Ooh, so, you know, the news angle to this is that Hugh Jack(our)man(hood) is hosting the Oscars (insert TM accordingly) on Sunday, and rumour hath is that he’s doing a song and dance and tumble-turn alongside Beyoncé. ‘Cause Hugh, lest you forget, is from a dolly theatre background *peers over half-moon spectacles*.

Excited? Yes.

Turned on? Very.

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