Guess the celebrity nipple… #8956145916598615

Nipple off-of a famous.

Who could it be? Who? Who? Who could it be? Who?

‘Tis this famous, ladies and ladies and undecided… *insert terribly foreboding drum roll*

It’s Eric McCormack off-of-f-f-f-ffffff Will & Grace…! Ta-daaaa!

Oh, Wilma. 

He’s in a new show, wouldn’t you know. Called Trust Me. Chances are, we’ll never see it. Trust us. Oh you already do.




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2 comments to “Guess the celebrity nipple… #8956145916598615”

  1. the best show ever !!

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  2. He actually gets better with age. **plans to go home and lock self in riverside flat and have W&G marathon all weekend while furiously bashing one out over the lovely Will. And of course Karen. And while I’m at it, Beverly Lesley. I am in the mood for something light an fruity with lady fingers.**

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