'Raw'? That's gotta hurt...


This is Kate Moss on the cover of New York Magazine.

Deep withinside NY Mag, Kate Moss makes the startling revelation that, and-we-quote,-no-word-of-a-lie, ‘I am a woman now’.

So apart from the fact that we will be humming, ‘I may not be a lady, but I’m all woman. From Monday to Sunday, I work my fingers to the bone, andcetera’ off-of Lisa Stansfield for the rest of the day until the alcohol and maybe even a whiff of a popper (Mum, they’re all the rage. Get back to the kitchen…) causes memory loss, we had no idea that until she gave an interview to NY Mag, Kate Moss wasn’t in fact a woman. Can you Adam and Adam and Adam’s friend it?

Oh, and re. the title… it’s all very Marilyn Monroe, NescafĂ©…? F-yes, we thought so too.

Toodles and a pip.


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2 comments to “Kate-cum-Marilyn.”

  1. Well, I never thought Kate Moss and LIsa Stansfield would be in the same story together. That’s, like, clever or something.

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  2. I’m no woman, but I’m certainly a big ol’ lady…

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