‘Left a bit, right a bit, ahh, that’s the spot…’

Oh roar!Look at this little lion chillaxing somewhere in the land of Sith Ifrica. He’s enjoying half of what we enjoyed only last night… unless he had a happy finish too. *Carry On nudge and wink*

On another note entirely, we have just come back from Sith Ifrica and can we just say how pleasantly surprised we were by how lovely Sith Ifrican people are. Especially the mens. Especially the mens that fix our jeep when it breaks down on safari. Yes, noice indeedy.

That’s it really. A lion. Some sexual innuendo. And a dash of showing off about our hollydays, during which we turned a delightful bronze that isn’t in any way peeling, so there.

The end.

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  1. I love that he’s licking his lips

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