The attack of the giant Queen Mothers

Gawd bless yer mum

Anyone who was anyone (and quite a few people who were no one at all) gathered on The Mall (you’ll know it for the ICA, home of Gay Bingo. Or maybe Buckingham Palace) this morning to see the unveiling of this lovely statue of the Queen Mother.

S’nice and thankfully not modern or cutting edge although it is a biggun, at over nine feet and based on pictures of the Queen Mum when she was still the proper queen around the age of 50 (compare and contrast with the photos of Madonna at the Vanity Fair party if you will).

The Queen was there, Prince Charles did the unveiling speech, Princes William and Harry, the Duke of Edinburgh, Camilla, Prince Andrew and Princess Beatrice and Eugenie, Princess Anne and Uncle Tom Cobly and all.

“All of us gathered here today will I know miss my darling grandmother’s vitality,” said Prince Charles. And there you have it: no jokes, no quips, no snide remarks.

We thank you and all who sail in you. Gawd bless yer, mum.

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2 comments to “The attack of the giant Queen Mothers”

  1. The Madonna comparison is a bit unfair seeing as the Queen Mother never had plastic surgery and was too busy shaking hands to be down the gym half the day.

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  2. speaking of which… did you see those new photos of Madonna with the VERY hairy face and neck? has she had so much surgery that her cunt is up round her neck now?

    Queen Mum off-of the statue looks like she’s made of Bournville Plain. nice. tasty.

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