Dolly’s back at the New York School of Dramatic Arts!

I'm gonna fly... HIGH!

The all-new remake of the classic Alan Parker, dancing-on-cars-and-canteen-tables leg-warmer-heavy musical of the 80s, created – fact-lovers – by one Christopher Gore who is the brother of ‘It’s My Party’ singer Lesley Gore, who’s a lesbian (enough with the facts already)… *re-reads sentence to try and remember what was being said* will have a gay character.

Yay! Got there in the end.

As with the original film, where Montgomery was one of the boyz (and Doris was actually refered to as a fag hag!), the new Fame has one Paul McGill as a teenage gay. Sighs of relief are breathed as recent ‘let’s put on a musical’ erm, musicals such as High School (going to have to say it again) Musical have decided that gay boys would definitely not be getting involved in that sort of thing.

The new Fame will be ready by September. 

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