How’s this for a typo…

Before we begin, some background information: 

a) It’s a quiet day on the world wide interdolly.

Two) We’re in one of those moods.

Trois) We watched Mistresses last night and in spite of ourselves or rather quite the opposite of in spite of ourselves, we came to the conclusion we’d back bottom bum almost every male character in the show. And when we say almost every male character, we mean every male character. Even some of the non-male ones. And that hardly ever happens. Not even in a Triga show.

4) Read this little snip-ette from a Daily Mail story about Kate Moss. It’s a whole load of blah about her starting the night off looking ‘radiant’, she goes clubbing, split-screen she looks like the back end of a No. 38. But call us easy to please (wethankyou), but this bit made us, you know, laugh. Not out loud or anything, just internally. Oooh, internally…

Daily Mail typo alert!

You know. ‘Cause, like, Katy Brand’s, like, fat.

Moving swiftly on, we’re very pleased that the next sentence in our thrilling Daily Mail excerpt reveals that Kate Moss is merely hanging out with Katy Brand in order to film a (undoubtedly lame) sketch for Comic Relief. We say that because Kate Brand is what is known in the business as a load of shite.


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2 comments to “How’s this for a typo…”

  1. I also watched Mistresses and also wanted to fumble with every male character and some of the not-so male characters. if I were pushed to choose, I would opt for ex-lover Jack and heart surgeon Dan while Harry watches in the corner, touching himself inappropriately. Oops, have I said too much?

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  2. not at all Pilar, in fact, tell us more……

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