Keira Knightley sandwiched between two not very funny men for a night of comedy in inverted commas.

A rose between two blokes.


So, you know, it’s almost Red Nose Day. *books flight out of country*

Red Nose Day, for those who are lucky enough never to have experienced the work experience level of comedy that’s generally on offer, is when famouses get together to do funny things in inverted commas in order to raise money for poor people. It sometimes goes by the name of Comic Relief. Ironicalnesses…

At this stage in proceedings we would like to reign in our disdain e’er so, ’cause there have been funny,-funny-indeed Comic Relief moments over the years. Catherine Tate with Daniel Craig, for example. Catherine Tate with Tony Blair, for example. French and Saunders, various. Most things involving Dame Terry Wogan. The odd other thing that escapes us.

So anyways plural, this year they’ve pulled out all the stops. Not only are The Saturdays doing the official song (oh fucking dear), but The Saturdays are doing the official song.

And on a lighter note, Keira Knightley – who we j’adore even though a lot of girls we know hate her but that’s just because she’s hot and they’re not – has done some pictures amusantes. Including that up there with granddad’s fave comedians, Morecombe and Wise. Confusingly, the one on the right is actually Morecombe. Not the seaside town in Lancashire, the person. He was, fact-fans, the only vaguely funny one out of the two. In that he could do silly slightly convincingly. The other one – Ernie Wise – was only there ’cause he stamped his feet in a very irritating fashion.

And after the break, you’ll find Keira Knightley pointing at Madonna’s nose, Comic Relief stylee. You’ll also find a video of one of those Comic Relief moments that was actually comical. It’s the one with Catherine Tate and Daniel Craig. *points to break*

You pointin' at me, bitch?
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3 comments to “Keira Knightley sandwiched between two not very funny men for a night of comedy in inverted commas.”

  1. So, French and Saunders with Banarama, French and Saunders and Kathy Burke with the Spice Girls and now… the Saturdays – ten-dollar hookers if ever I’ve seen one – doing an old Depeche Mode song. The times they are a-changin’

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  2. ‘Ten-dollar hookers’… and with the current exchange rate, that’s even more insulting. Hooray!

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  3. saturdays? shitter than shit.

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