The Daily Mail too busy being cunts to notice fuck up *gets the swear box*

Pauline? Barack? Stevie? Jokes?

The Daily Mail web team were probably too busy ranting on – with all the ‘at the end of the days’, ‘basically’s, ‘literally’s and ‘no offence or nuffink, but’s…’ that one would expect from the Jeremy Kyle/Vine/Clarkson-loving mentally challenged types that they are – about the ‘state of this country’, what with all its illegals, hooligans and *gasp* gays, to notice that their pictures don’t quite match up with their headlines. Although in some ways they do. The Obama/Corrie one tickled us. Unfortunately not in that way *draws sad face in condensation, before launching into ludicrous rendition of Steamy Windows*.

There’s another example over the jump which teams a Kate Winslet Oscar headline with a close-up of what looks like Selma Hayek’s bare bottom. But it’s actually her ring. Wedding. Giggle forth.

Freida Pinto's looking a bit rough


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2 comments to “The Daily Mail too busy being cunts to notice fuck up *gets the swear box*”

  1. Just checked and they’ve changed it now. Booo!

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  2. Hahaha, funny. Silly cunty old Daily Mail.

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