Morph flashmobs Tate Modern!

Flash, ah-ah

Now, this won’t mean a damn thing to anyone who didn’t get sat in front of telly eating maybe a marshmallow teacake or a Penguin crunch biscuit after school to watch either Vision On (for the older generations) or Take Hart (everyone else).

Tony Hart was everyone’s favourite art teacher and what he couldn’t conjure up with an old egg box, some dried macaroni and a half pint of poster paint wasn’t worth knicker elastic. And who can forget Morph, the first creation of Nick Park, off-of Wallace and Gromit?

Well, long story, cut it right short like… yesterday, in tribute to Tony Hart, who died last year, a bunch of fans (just those who got their pictures in the Gallery obviously…) made their own Morphs and went down to London’s glittering (really!) Tate Modern on the banks of Old Father Thames to flashmob. Triumphant!

And the fact that Boris Johnson is talking of banning flashmobbing (and probably implementing a curfew for anyone who didn’t go to Eton) makes us love it even more!

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One comment to “Morph flashmobs Tate Modern!”

  1. i *heart* Tony Hart, bless him.

    the morph flashmob was A1.

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