So. Totally. Don’t. It? Get.

Don't like yours much, luv.

So oh, frankly only the Baby Jesus knows what’s going on with these two. Which is ironic ’cause Madonna is currently bumming the baby Jesus (accent on the first syllable this time round, girls), the reasons behind which are multiple. And we’d just like to add our tuppence worth. For the umpteenth time.

a) We don’t find him attractive. And we’re 78% proof as we speak. 

2) Madonna likes the Latin look. We give you Carlos Leon. When she’s not doing the Guy Ritchie thing, that is, whichever look that might be.  

Trois) When we say Madonna likes the Latin look, of course we mean she likes the Latin semen. Ooh, sailors, etc.

d) Aren’t pictures pretty when it’s snowing?

Five) Jesus is wearing a dirty cross. No. Just no. No and a no. No no no. Eugh, no. No.

6) Can we talk about the goatee? We can? Oh thanks. *shakes head; tuts, even* 

VII) And c) and d)

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3 comments to “So. Totally. Don’t. It? Get.”

  1. Ooooooooooo nooooooooooooooooo, me neither.

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  2. nor me. she’s a worthless whore anyway, do we still care about any of this really? REALLY? i thought not.

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  3. I think she needs to go back to the steroid using baseball player. I mean this is someone Lourdes at 11 should be dating. And the collar on that leather coat – um….Stella McCartney called wants you to send all her clothes back.

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