Oi, Marge, you big lez!

Sisters are doing it to themselves

Love a lez, pause, we do. Some of our friends are lezzies, which means we’re allowed to say that.

Which leads us neatly to this… *points* Marge Simpson off-of Homer Simpson has gotten all licky wid da ladies. And when we say ladies, we mean the ones with vaginas.

*Listerines mouth out*

In an episode which aired in London’s glittering United States last night, Marge off-of hair but no nails gets lip-locked with one of the same gender. The same gender as her, no less. And when we say lip-locked…

*metholated spirits mouth out*

Ooh, we’ve another one of those ** things…

*religious retards self-implode; but not before they tell everybody who’s not interested that they’re going somewhere eternally balmy. It might even be Gran Canaria*

Ooh but phews, before anyone gets all Keith from Stoke-on-Trent on our asses (who said on the esteemed Daily Mail website apropos the above, and we quote, ‘What is the world coming to? Now we have family friendly programmes promoting alternative sexualities! Can I not let my children watch anything?’ Naturally we fear for Keith’s children who, unless they’re lucky and defy the genes withinside them, will grow up to be absolute cunts like Daddy), this is just a dream sequence.


*flicks to Bagpuss*

(NB. Note the double entendre with ‘flicks’. We didn’t go to a very posh university for nowt…)

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