Shoreditch comes to prime time with this Let’s Dance thing…

A beautiful thing. 

Sorry for the lateness of this, seeing as it happened at the weekend but you know how it is: you’re in Vegas interviewing Barry Manilow, fingering the T-shirts in the Cher shop in Caesar’s Palace, pondering over an appliqued waistcoat with Bette Midler on it and time just slips through your fingers.

Anyways, we were just saying in the orifice that Saturday night’s Let’s Dance for charity thing on Her Majesty’s BBC1 is turning into a conduit for that whole Cockettes-cum-East London nu-drag sensibility. Last week we had Robert Webb doing Flashdance (it could have been Gay Bingo, honest guv), and this week we had Paddy McGuinness off-of Phoenix Nights and Bo Selecta’s Keith Lemon re-imaginating the final dance business from Dirty Dancing, with Keith maintaining his moustache even in the role of Baby.

Enjoy it over the jump…

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2 comments to “Shoreditch comes to prime time with this Let’s Dance thing…”

  1. no one puts Baby in the corner!

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  2. Any reason why the video’s gone up *counts* four times? Doesn’t bother me, just bored…

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