Fag Hag Diary

Je suis fashion. 


The Faggy is delighted to hear that her fave ladies book of all (as my nana used to call the magazines) is getting a new editrix! That’s right, everyone’s top cutting-edge bible of style for trendy people who wear cunty hats and live in converted biscuit factories known as Pop has a brand new Devil In Primark roaming those hallways.Which illustrious member of style royalty could it be? Could it be old smiler Anna de Wintour of Cleeves herself? Or possibly they’ve lured the fabulous Phoebe Philo away from her design studio at Celine to take over the faux ponyskin reigns of this bible for coolhunters?

Well, that’s enough gossiping, let’s tear that envelope open for god’s sake and find out who the Oscar goes to…!

My darlings, it turns out that one of the most coveted and high profile jobs in fashion journalism goes to… a lady from Russia whose front bottom Roman Abramovich likes to touch. Oh.


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  1. Honey, she could do no worse a job than Katie Fucking England. Has anyone seen Love? Honest to Betsy! Is that it? Some pictures of Alexandra off-of X Factor in a bra top? Cutting. Hedge.

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