Honestly, you might as well spray-paint a face onto a pumpkin.

The make-up of make-up artists' cleaners

Captured here in a brand new ad wearing all the make-up that MAC can make… sorry, all the make-up that Dolce & Gabbana can get someone in China to make, is Scarlett Johansson. Or is it Kylie? Or is it your mum?

Taking the radically edgy, daring and original route of getting someone dolled up like Marilyn Monroe what those Ds and Gs have failed to realise – like everyone else who ever dolls someone up like Marilyn Monroe fails to realise – is that Marilyn had something special. An inner light, if you will. It wasn’t just a case of using a piping bag full of slap and getting that mouth half open. Kylie, take note.

‘Ever since I started on the red carpet, my idea of glamour was the Golden Age of Hollywood,’ mouthed Scarlett to Hilary Alexander, the worst-dressed fashion editor in the whole wild [sic] world, no doubt at a D&G round table in Milan where you get to ask three questions, ‘NOTHING about her private life or the interview will be terminated’.

‘I like to be feminine. Give the people what they want. The hair, the make-up, the gown, the diamonds. That, to me, is glamour.’ So this apparently, people, is what we want.

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2 comments to “Honestly, you might as well spray-paint a face onto a pumpkin.”

  1. There’s a moose loose aboot this hoose.

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  2. That photo looks okay sized as above … but at magazine/A4 size, it’s just not cute. The larger posters are just scary! Moose moose caboose indeed.

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