Ooh, giraffe!

Why the long neck?

You know us. We’re perplexed by music that doesn’t have a disco beat/big black female singer/isn’t Triga, but we saw this and thought it was pretty. It’s the Parlotones, who apparently have quite the name for themselves for churning out pretty vids. We like it because dot-dot-dot

– There’s a giraffe in it. Nothing to do with the eaterie favoured by prams.

– There are some cute cartoony things in it. Love a cartoon.

– There’s a VW Beatle in it. A VW Beatle was our first motorised car. It started out silver, then it was blue. It was quite the hit of Sixth Form.

– The Parlotones are South African. We’re currently having a South African moment. Which will end abruptly if the bastard doesn’t call back.

And c) and d)

Watch the pretty video after the still-awaiting-sponsorship jump…


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