Ghost… the musical

Mucky pupsWe know! We can’t decide whether this is of excitement or cringe? But one good bit of news is Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard are at the musical helmet helm. *does high pitched hooray*

It’s just been announced – officially and everything, we got a proper email from PR-y types. This ain’t no cheap Perez-based wet-dream rumour – and we’re not sure if that scene will keep the original song by those Self Righteous Brothers, but we hope so. We really do.

Entirely coincidentally, and as a nifty (urgh *wipes keyboard* who says ‘nifty’ these days?) addition to this piece, we see that Horne and Corden have done a spoof of the potters wheel scene – which, incidentally, always leaves us somewhat cold and more concerned about how they’re going to clean up all that setting clay than the actual rumpy pumpy (urgh *wipes keyboard again* ‘rumpy pumpy’? What year is this and how old are we?) – for their new show, coming soon to Auntie Beeb Three. And as much as we’re fans of Gav ‘n’ Stace’s fatty James Corden and Matthew ‘doesn’t give us the’ Horne, we’re not sure the sketch show format is going to suit. It’s all a bit Harry Enfield isn’t it?

For more info on Ghost music biz and a pic of the Swayze in his ‘Heeeeeeey’ day, jump the jump.

We certainly hunger for your touch...

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