Madonna’s running up her own clobber with some bloke called Christian Audigier.

A ribbon. How toddler.

News Flash (Gordon. Oh hello): Madonna is app and arently in talks with a gennelman going by the name of Christian Audigier – who is of a fashion pursuasion – to design a range of clothes that most people will buy then put straight in the bin.

Christian – or Christ, if you’re that way inclined – specialises in ‘luxury streetwear’. Whatever for? So Madonna’s going to get out her Crayolas and come up with a range of, and we quote from somewhere, ‘tattoo-inspired and diamente-encrusted t-shirts’ whilst Christ hovers over her desk with a rubber. By which we mean an eraser. By which we mean a rubber. He may even have a hole-punch.

We’re predicting with the help of sanity, that the clothes will be a pile of shite. But blessed by someone from that Kabbalah Community Centre, so you’ll be helping poor people. Or not, as the case may be.

*pops a diamente on end of nose. It’s Friday after all…*

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3 comments to “Madonna’s running up her own clobber with some bloke called Christian Audigier.”

  1. If you were that rich would you wear such tiny diamonds?
    Surely better nothing at all.

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  2. It will absoLUTEly be shite. Google ‘Ed Hardy’ is you want to see Mr. Audigigigier’s regular range of closeted-gay LA muscle-boy clobber, which you may remember Madge wearing CONSTANTLY a few years ago. S’hideous.

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  3. stupid cow. That man is a fashion fool. And nobody better forgive her for the fur. Avoid.

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