What do we think of this new anti-fur ad starring Pink as a skinned aligator and Ricky Gervais as a skinned rabbit?

Bad people

Leave it to Stella McCartney to help orchestrate a major anti-fur initiative during Paris fashion week (that reminds us, we have some delicious and nutritious Linda McCartney Country Pies in our freezer).

So far, during PFW, not only have PETA demonstrated outside Jean Paul Gaultier’s show but they are launching their new ad at Maccy Stella’s show and will be doing a Q and A sesh with the lady herself afterwards.

The ad, which you can see after the jump, features Pink as a skinned aligator asking a woman with an alligator bag for her skin back, and Ricky as a skinned rabbit asking for his fur back as some Kanye West-loving dolly retrieves his rabbit skin coat from the coat check.

We’re j’adoring the sentiment, j’adoring the slebs for taking part… but does it work? (We think not. Bit too comedy, and this is not a laughing matter…) And does it work better than the now classic Lynx ‘Dumb animal’ ad? (We think not, etc.) But decide for yourselves – ’cause that’s what democracy is about *salutes* – after the jump, where both ads have been expertly added for your instruction…

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