You’ll never guess which famouses this is the daughter of. No, you won’t! You won’t, we tell you. Not never. Ever.

Walking down the road

Bring on the clues, you say.

OK. Well, her name’s not Saffy though she is on Monsoon Records. She is a folk singer, though she doesn’t sing ‘Walking Down the Road’. She is the daughter of perhaps the funniest woman on the planet and the 8,934th funniest man. Her surname is Edmondson.

Yes, everyone! She is Jennifer Saunders’ (and Ade Edmondson’s) daughter Ella. And she is a folk singer. On a label set up by her dad. Oh. And managed by her dad. Oh-oh. But… wait for it, actually rather good if you like a bit of a wibbly folk sound. Which we don’t.

Hear her debut single, ‘Hold Your Horses’ (though there’s no proper video) over the jump…

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