Ever wondered what an Elton John-ified iPod would look like?

Don't give up your day job Elts. Actually, what is your day job?Well wonder no more wonderers and wonderettes. See that garish array of twinkly rainbow coloured iPod Nanos? Well Uncle Elton and his flammable hair slaved away for positively minutes to come up with the design, which involves a Swarovski crystal or two and a scribbled signature. But they’re pretty, no? Oh, well they’re for the Elton John AIDS Foundation, so be kindly. Admittedly they’ll set you back a lorra moolah (we’re talking $565 for the baby one, $640 for the daddy one) but only 100 will be made in each colour.

So if the credit crunchie isn’t rifling through your silk-lined pocket and you fancy doing your bit for charity while simultaneously bagging yourself a blingtastic ‘Starburst iPod’ then you can get one from Selfridges or Goldgenie. Or, alternatively, grab your knackered old iPod and get Blue Peter on its arse c/o some Claire’s Accessories crystal stickers and a glitter pen. No-one would be able to tell the difference.

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One comment to “Ever wondered what an Elton John-ified iPod would look like?”

  1. Urgh! Vile-tastic. I’d rather just give money to charity than be lumbered with one of those monstrosities.

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