Such fun, laughing at the mentally impaired!

Glad to be Grey

Now, you know us, we’re not afraid of a little humour on the edge. But this whole Grey Gardens thing. We’re not sure. You know Grey Gardens, the cult fly-on-the-quite-dirty-wall documentary about Little Edie and Big Edie, cousins of Jackie O.

The story is two oldish women – both obviously not the full pound when it comes to mental capacity – are filmed tying skirts on their heads, shouting, rambling, ranting while we, the paying audience, chuckles at their eccentricity. Which is in fact mental illness. How we laughed!

Now, Drew Barrymore (who we found to be well cunty when we met her – have we mentioned that before? Strange but true) has joined forces with Jessica Lange (love! Not cunty!) to make the live-action version of the documentary that has, in the meantime, been a musical and a Rufus Wainwright song.

Thoughts? See the trailer after the jump. Oh, and a clip from the original…

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One comment to “Such fun, laughing at the mentally impaired!”

  1. Good grief, I knew those good acting Barrymore genes would come out in the end. Drew looks absolutely transformed in the role of Little Edie. That Miss Chapins’ accent is absolutely flawless, and the manner is well, staunch.


    Cannot flipping wait.


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