Any smaller and you’ll be able to carry it up your nose.


We have the whole i thing covered – pod, phone, shuffle, touch, dildo, the works – and we still want one of these little babies. Tis the new iPod Shuffle and it is a mini marvel. Smaller than a battery or a pack of chewies and half the size of that already minute iPod Shuffle clip thing (though this also has a clip) – the one that Kylie Minogue thinks is a ghetto blaster.

Anyways, apart from tinyness in abundance and a 4GB memory (that’s 1,000 songs to you), it also has this thing called Voice Over where you can press a button on the earphones and it tells you the name and artist of what you’re listening to!

Not only but also… for the first time on a Shuffle, you can add playlists and select one by pressing that same bit on the earphones. All for just 59 gold coins!


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Any smaller and you'll be able to carry it up your nose., 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. I want a 192 of them please.

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  2. Well, that’s just too small and silly. Why not just integrate it into the headphones at that point?

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