Dirty Protest du Lindsay Lohan

Missed a bit...

Stop exactly what you’re doing – especially if it involves anything own-branded.

*re-arranges blouse*

Now then now then, we’re not averse to a fake tan. Even a bit of fake tan. But only when professionally applied by our de-gorgeous lady-who-does-all-the-stars,-yes-ALL-of-them down St Tropez and only when applied in a manner that can only be described as free. It’s almost like being a muse, which is spooky seeing as during the only careers advice sesh we ever had down school, when asked what we’d like to be when we were all grown up, we said, ‘a muse’.

Backintheroom… And the point of this pretty tale? Lindsay Lohan’s launched her own line of fake tan. S’true. S’called ‘Sevin Nyne’.

*dramatic pause, not unlike in a play by Pinter*

Apparently, it’s a play on her favourite numbers. But why?

A couple of anyways, here’s what Lindsay Lohan had to say on the matter, to people. Sorry, People. There’s a difference.

‘I have tried every product on the market and never found something that I loved. It was important to me to have a natural product that didn’t have a lot of dyes and chemicals.’

Mmmmmm, chemicals.

Tempted? You can buy it and everything. From sephora.com, as of 15th April.

*makes a note of that*

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