If you buy this t-shirt, those poor children will get something… No, not a slap in the face.

Why the long hair? 

This is our *counts* third story today with a Comical Relief theme. Which officially makes us kind.

It’s about a t-shirt called ‘Manilla Gorilla’, originally made famous by Muhammad Ali when he wore it in the run up to his fight with Joe Frazier in 1975 at Areneta Stadium, Manila. Muhammad Ali was a fighter?

Well, Wornby have only gone and re-created this tee, not only for us to wear, but in order to make cash money dollar dosh moolah for those poor people who not only have nothing, but nothing to wear.

The math is as follows: Go here, pay 38 of Her Majesty’s shiny coins, get a lovely thing, £5 goes to Comical Relief. If only life were this simple.

*points at someone*

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