The last ever French & Saunders sketch. Like, ever! Say it ain’t so!

Don't go!

It’s like the Berlin Wall coming down (only in a bad way). It’s like… listen, it’s early, we can’t think of anything else, so let’s just say it’s like a very bad thing happening, something that will change the world forever. Maybe global warming.

It is the last ever – in history! – French and Saunders sketch. There it is, up there. Jennifer Saunders, flawless as Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia (she is almost like the woman with no face: she can be anyone you like), Dawnie French on the right as Juilie Walters and that there in the middle is Sienna Miller, who everyone thinks is a slut but whom we have a whole lot of time for.

It’s for Comical Relief (we’ll be the judge of that) and you will be able to see it – and shed a tear – on Friday night, from 7pm. Or do what we do: go out, tape it then fast forward the bits where the cast of EastEnders are recreating scenes from La Dolce Vita.

And just because we need something to help us over the trauma, there is a little known sketch of Dawn French as Madonna reading from her book The English Roses over the jump. *breaks down, gets self to nunnery*…

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2 comments to “The last ever French & Saunders sketch. Like, ever! Say it ain’t so!”

  1. Vixen toilet parts. I’ll miss youuuuu.

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  2. tis a shame yes, but they went off the boil a bit for me in the end anyway….. the past glories will always be there for us to enjoy.
    right, i’m off for a mince up the ‘dilly..!

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