There is but one thing wrong with this picture…

And it was all going so well...

From left to right and back again – even up and under, if we’re in a particularly bouncy mood – we j’adore each and every one of these human people. Bar one. The thing in our Heat stylee circle of shame.

Vile with a capital pig, he is every single beating reason why our Momma put her house up for sale upon hearing her youngest and dollyest was a big ol’ gay (you know, owing to the shame of it all. But fret not, ladies. It was before the crash and she got a whole load of golden coins for it, and in fact moved to a neighbourhood with a postcode Dolly Gay Son now actually shows off about. Leather-swings-in-The-Hoist ‘n’ roundabouts and all that).

So, apart from Gok ‘Not in our name, luv!’ Wan, we’re actually rather looking forward to tonight’s Celebrity Apprentice, all in the name of the poor people…

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2 comments to “There is but one thing wrong with this picture…”

  1. Can we start a petition to remove this man from our airwaves? He is a disgrace to the homosexual race. Oh that rhymes. See, told you I was gay…

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  2. OOh, me-me-me I heartily agree – get’s right on my tits he does, he’s no Selina Scott/Jeff Banks now is he. Speaking of which, absolutely j’adore the way that lovely Alan (Carr, not Sugar) flounces across the Millenium Bridge showing Gok that there’s a fine line between camp (funny) and camp (vile)

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