You remember how Sarah Palin was very much opposed to gays getting married? Very much so? Incredibly, in fact?

Skank attack

Well, her dirty skank of a daughter (seen here remarkably without make-up to make her seem a little less like the town hooker) has called off her marriage to the father of her child now that the family no longer needs to seem respectable because there’s no Presidential election.

All fair and good, you think. This stuff happens. People have children before they get married. Sometimes relationships don’t work out. Very sad. Boo hoo. A crocodile somewhere is dabbing a tear with a tissue.

But when the people in question sneer at the very idea of two people of the same sex – respectable people maybe. Could be a teacher. A nurse even – getting married even though they may have been together for decades and brought up children and not been caught fucking the whole football team (not that we have any firm evidence on Skank Palin up there, but we know the type), then it sticks in the throat.

Those Biblical objections to the abomination of man lying with man (not if you’re doing it right, right?) don’t seem to extend to the very clear objections in that Good Book to girls putting it about all over town when it comes to these folks. It’s just gays that’s bad. Get that?

The American press has been saying that Skank won’t let the father of her bastard see said child because his family is ‘white trash’. Kettles, pots, black. All we say is, please refrain from looking down your noses at the gays when your own family resembles something so clearly from The Jerry Springer Show.

Climbs down from high horse, showing bottom to attendant crowd.

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4 comments to “You remember how Sarah Palin was very much opposed to gays getting married? Very much so? Incredibly, in fact?”

  1. Oh yes, very loud round of applause!

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  2. If she knows what’s good for her she would divorce her mother. That’s possible in America, due to , you know, stupidity.

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  3. That is no way to speak of the future President of the United States’ daughter, and her thankfully got rid-of ex-would-be-son-in-law (setting a non-German world record in hyphens).

    The whole world doesn’t revolve around gayety, and the personal trajectory each person takes shouldn’t sour one’s attitudes towards people. That it does, anyroad, says a lot more about you than we would care to know about.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled RPJ botty watch.

    p.s. j’adoring this blog otherwise.


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  4. Thing is, Victoria, it’s the hypocrisy of it. Palin and chums think it heinous that gays are allowed to marry, because it dissolves the institution of marriage and family and gays can’t be trusted remain married and all that bollocks, yet her daughter can’t quite manage the whole marriage thing.
    So I agree with everything me-me-me has to say on the matter. The Palins are bigoted, hypocritical cunts.
    But apart from that, Victoria, j’adoring your work.

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