Oh, hello! Bloke’s quite nice, too…

We'll take both. Thank you please.

So it was a toss-up between that and ‘Nice pussy! Cat’s pretty cute, too…’ and seeing as we couldn’t decide, we closed our eyes, spun around seven times, pointed a solitary finger and wham, bam, thank you ham hock.

Talking of wham-bamming and tossing, can we talk about the fella?

Ooh, before we do that… Seriously cute cat. Love a cat. Love a dog too but, you know, cats. Prrrrrrr. And the level of retardedness in dogs is a little too child-like for our palettes, so it’s cats all the way. That deserves another prrrrrrrrrr.

So, right, this cat and Sir Hotty McHot… Ideal package, much? A cat-lovin’ gennelman who not only looks like Billy Zane but has child-bearing shoulders.

*calls Santa*

Hotty McHot’s stats are thus:

Name: Kevin ‘Can’t have everything’ Richardson.

Age: 34. Actually looks older, but he does have an outdoorsy job.

Job: Zoologist.

Location: Sith Ifrica. Only eleven hours away and no jet-lag. It’s negotiable…

Cat’s stats are thus:

Name: Meg

Age: 7

Weight: 185kg

Location: Sith Ifrica. Natch. Or nitch, as the case may be.

Er, run out of things to say. Er… bum us? (Kevin. Not Meg. Honestly…)

Ooh ps. There’s another pic after Lady McJump that’s currently stirring our lions (get it? Do you really?) as well as a moving picture video-ette of Kev ‘n’ chums…

Gissa kiss...

pps. Pics via here. (Needs must, etc.)

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7 comments to “Oh, hello! Bloke’s quite nice, too…”

  1. Oh hello indeedio.

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  2. i want one . :)

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  3. ooh…can you imagine walking down Old Compton Street with her on a lead….

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  4. …yeah, and then having to explain that his name’s Kevin.

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  5. oh god no dont this people know this animals are wild just look at the lady that got her face torn off by that chimp This little animal can tear his balls off lol HE IS HOT THOUGH

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  6. Ulrika Jonsson didn’t get her face torn off by a chimp, she was born looking like that.

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  7. I know this sounds naive but I didn’t know they were quite that large. Its paws are the size of his head!

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