The Daily Mail’s haggard ol’ vaginas are in a twist again…


In answer to the Daily Mail’s question, ‘So why ARE you with Madonna, Jesus?’ Er, because she’s Madonna.

As for the ‘meet his younger (and prettier) exes’. Younger, maybe. Prettier, no fucking way. A (relative) rose betwixt two trouts. 

Ooh, and the moose on the left, Catharina Franca, has got her mature bonnet on. ‘She is a ridiculous old bag, jumping around on stage at her age,’ hisses she, about the woman who is not only better looking and more successful than she, but is also bumming her former boyfriend.

Oh and blah blah blah.

Honestly, ladies, get a fucking room.  

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3 comments to “The Daily Mail’s haggard ol’ vaginas are in a twist again…”

  1. why is Vadgadonna wearing that stuff they line greengrocer’s shelves with? her chin looks great in this photo. and i mean it in the true sense of the word.

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  2. Looks like the three should do a photo shot for the Vatican promoting celibacy. Madonna in her Easter Basket Grass top is more appealing, not just because I am sure she would give me some HARD candy.

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  3. I love the (and prettier) in brackets. It’s ‘behind the hand’ playground bitching all over again.

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