Apparently, this is how one fishes.

We like how you kept your jewellery on...

Robson Green, who someone – it could have even been us – decided was a guilty pleasure without the guilt, has a penchant for fishing without the appropriate attire. Quite why he does this is frankly our business, which is why when he went fishing again for some show on the tellybox in just his tighty-whitey Calvins, we decided to record the event for posterity. By which we mean prosterity. Or something. Look…!

Robson looks pensive... Back bottom. Hello. Next time, ditch the pants.


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Apparently, this is how one fishes. , 10.0 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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3 comments to “Apparently, this is how one fishes.”

  1. Love to go diving for trouser trout. Putting on White Cliffs of Dover by Robson & Jerome right now and getting down to my tighty whities as well.

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  2. Yum. I wanna hit that harder than Ike hit Tina.

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  3. he wears a very gay underpantie, that man.

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