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The Fag Hag has finally succumbed. No, darlings, not to the persistent Albanian plumber (he knows the rules. ‘You wanna play? Then I don’t gots to pay.’ *waggles head like character in Waiting to Exhale*)

No, I mean to Twitter, or Giggly as Fag Hag Mum insisted on calling it in moment of inspiration by Calvin Klein.

Anyhows, would be lovely to see all my Fag Hag pals down Twitter land so do swing by for a bit of fun if you’re passing – it’s fabulously retro, a bit like CB radio for the millennium.

 But of course I needed a brand new alter ego for my new playpen – a bit like that SAS man who writes war books with Final somewherein the title – so you can find me at Divine_Miss_Em.

See you on the bandstand, girls!

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