Forget signal failures, people under trains, minding the gap, screaming babies, bumbling tourists, suspicious packages, non-booziness, Primark bags, Primark bag owners, Metro litterers and Jean Charles De Menezes… and enjoy ‘Art On the Underground’ *sigh*

Nice bootiesHe might have Keira Knightley’s jawline and some testicles for an elbow, but this is what you can expect to see on the front of your pocket tube map as of today, travellers and travelletes.

Part of the Art On the Underground series commissioned by some artsy type that bobo Boris has no doubt sacked already, this pencil scrawling comes c/o Paul Noble and to be Frankie and Johnny *ponders hot Pacino action* we’re not that keen, but hey ho, a change is as good as a rest… although we’re not sure that saying really applies here.

Moving on… Enjoy some past underground art over jumperoo.

We just see a big vagina... is that wrong? Toodlepip It's a gay old world... A squiggly mess

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