This weekend we mostly frigged ourselves off to… Dr. Manhattan

Lower, lower, lower...Now we’re the first to admit we’re not the biggest fan of comic book slash graphic novel slash whatever you like to tart it up as it’s still all a little bit Games Workshop, but if someone had told us there was a saucy naked doctor with rather a lovely cock in Watchmen we would have paid more attention.

So can you imagine our surprise – not to mention delight – when we turned up at the IMAX this weekend to, erm, watch Watchmen and we discovered aforemtentioned nudity in all its glowing blue glory. OK, so it’s CGI, but the delectable Billy Crudup actually plays the part of Dr. Manhattan so we can but hope that the part is actually his part and not merely a CGI part… if you catch our meaningette.

In fact we really rather enjoyed the film. That it stars Matthew Goode off-of gay pash (really, who says ‘pash’ outside Erinsborough High nowadays?) in Brideshead Revisited, Jeffrey Dean Morgan who-we-always-think-is-Javier-Bardem-but-isn’t and Patrick Wilson who also gets his man bits out, not to mention all the sex, bottoms and glowing penises is neither hither nor thither. Promise.

Anyhow, we’ve had the workie on Google all morn so you can enjoy all of the above after the jump. Ta-ra.

Makes us look at the Smurfs in a whole new light

Matthew Goode…

Ooh look, swirly nip hair!

Javier Bardem Jeffrey Dean Morgan…

Gis a cuggle, JDM

Patrick Wilson…

A white vest always does the trick
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3 comments to “This weekend we mostly frigged ourselves off to… Dr. Manhattan”

  1. Ooh, ooh, Christians in ‘outrage at nudity’ shock – ‘Waving in the breeze’?!

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  2. Is there not a multiple choice option?

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  3. Of course one couldnt help but notice the good Dr’s wank walking around on an HUGE IMAX screen! Even the girls were giggling and talking about it as we walked out. I found myself fantasizing about Nite-Owl all sweaty and horny after a night on the town. I wonder if Batman gets like that in the Batmobile? Nite-0wl was hot!

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