Introducing our favourite film of next year…

Zing went the strings of our hearts!

Let’s look at the ingredients: Anne Hathaway, one of our favouritest actresses du moment (she was the only person at any awards ceremony to pull Mr. Obama up for picking a homophobic pastor to open his inauguration).

Judy Garland, a most compelling performer and star of Wizard of Oz who it’s now officially cool to like because Rufus Wainwright recreated her Live at Carnegie Hall concert.

A film. We like films because you get to eat sugary treats and drink a glass of wine. All at the same time.

In short, Anne Hathaway (this one, not the wife of William Shakespeare) will star in a film about Judy Garland based on a book called Get Happy: The Life of Judy Garland. We are expecting something along the lines of La Vie en Rose, only without subtitles.

*story ends. We take off our trousers, keep on our suit jacket, feel along the edge of our fedora and break into a rendition of ‘Get Happy’* Join us – you can be one of the clapping gentlemen – after the jump. And see AH, as we know her, doing song and dance at this year’s Oscars (skip to about 4:50)…

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2 comments to “Introducing our favourite film of next year…”

  1. Oh, hurrah!

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  2. Perfecto! I haven’t been this excited since I heard about Dreamgirls… but then that was shit :( Also, has that Cadillac Records thing been out yet? Totally passed me by if it has.

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